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PROJECT STATUS: Completed START: April 2003 Completed: February 2006

Children's Interactive Library 

ProjektbeskrivelseProject description

The project was an extension of the activities in the library field and a continuation of the ISIS project Future Hybrid Library.

Children's Interactive Library focused on children's use of the library and how their experiences and development could be supported and challenged through augmented reality. The aim of the project was to bridge the gap between existing activities in interactive buildings and physical spaces at schools and libraries.

The project focused on developing an information technology understandable for children aged 6-9 years, spatial interaction with the teaching material linked into books by use of various types of tags, and services that support children's communication while investigating and playing at the library.

ForskningsresultaterResearch results


Story Surfer is an alternative search engine, where children are able to search the library materials via an interactive floor and table. Story Surfer is not designed as a traditional search engine, where you must tell precisely what you are interested in, but as an inspirational tool in relation to loans of various physical materials. The prototype consists of an interactive floor and table. The display in the floor is formed by two projectors mounted above the floor, while the display in the table is generated by a built-in projector where the image is displayed on the underside of a specially designed tabletop.

Libraries are increasingly starting to use RFID tags to replace bar codes on materials. The Bib-Phone concept is based on the use of RFID tags in library books. The idea is to combine a wireless mini-computer with with an RFID reader, microphone and speaker. This makes it possible to record and listen to messages, such as book reviews. The concept was tested on two occasions in 2006 at Silkeborg Public Library and at the main library of Aarhus.

MIXIS - Mixed Interaction Space (mobile-based spatial interaction) is a new approach to gesture-based interaction on mobile devices. A mobile phone camera is used to track a fixed point and thus to establish a 3D interaction space where the device’s position and rotation can be tracked. The fixed point is selected by the user - it provides a flexible basis for establishing the interaction as well as the concrete and symbolic mixture of the physical and digital space.

ForretningsresultaterBusiness results

The business results of this project are associated with the production and investigation of the commercial potential of an interactive board for general purposes.

The main business partner was BCI, while Tihii Media APS wanted to develop applications that can could on the interactive tables. The table uses technologies developed in the center, which supports multi-user interaction. The table was presented at the SummIT06 conference.

SamarbejdspartnereProject partners

In this project the Alexandra Institute has collaborated with the following institutions:

Arkitektskolen Aarhus sitets Arkitektskolen Aarhus
Claus Bjarrum Arkitekter sitets Claus Bjarrum Arkitekter
Tihii Media
Aarhus Universitet, Datalogi - Datalogisk Institut sitets Aarhus Universitet, Datalogi - Datalogisk Institut

For further information please contact Kaj Grønbæk.

Budget og finansieringBudget and funding

The project is funded by (among others):

ISIS Katrinebjerg

Total budget distributed among project partners: DKK 4970000

For further information please contact Kaj Grønbæk.

Teknologi og metoderTechnology and methods



People from the Alexandra Institute who have participated in this project:

BalaSuthas Sundararajah
BalaSuthas Sundararajah        Product Manager
Former employee at the Alexandra Institute
Kaj Grønbæk
Area Manager, Interaction, Professor, PhD
Interactive Spaces Lab
+45 21 49 56 34
Hopper building, 1st floor room 124

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