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PROJECT STATUS: Completed. START Apr. 2011. COMPLETED: Apr. 2013


ProjektbeskrivelseProject description


OUTSMART is a use case project between public-private organisations on Future Internet services and technologies in the context of environment and utilities in smart cities.  

The goal of OUTSMART was to contribute to the Future Internet (FI) by developing five innovation ecosystems. These ecosystems facilitated the creation of a large variety of pilot services and technologies that contribute to optimised supply and access to services and resources in urban areas.

This enables a more sustainable utility provision and, through increased efficiency, lower strain on resources and on the environment.   

OUTSMART services and technologies are based on an open and standardised infrastructure and provided by a service framework designed to facilitate provisioning, development and access.  

OUTSMART was run by a consortium of Danish and international public and private partners. The activities conducted during the project were centred in five key European cities and urban areas referred to as clusters:

  • Aarhus, Denmark: Water and Sewage
  • Berlin, Germany: Waste Management
  • Birmingham, UK: Transport and Environment
  • Trento, Italy: Water Management
  • Santander, Spain: Street Light Management  

The Alexandra Institute was the cluster leader for the Aarhus Cluster working closely together with Amplex and Aarhus Vand to deliver innovative public services for water and sewage. These services are the basis for a set of challenging requirements for the Future Internet.

The Alexandra Institute was also responsible for the overall dissemination of the project results and collaboration with the overall Future Internet Private Public Partnership programme projects.

ForskningsresultaterResearch results


The OUTSMART project has published a number of scientific papers. The papers can be downloaded on OUTSMART's website.

ForretningsresultaterBusiness results

The Future Internet Public-Private Partnership (FI-PPP) aims to advance Europe's competitiveness in Future Internet technologies and systems and to support the emergence of Future Internet-enhanced applications of public and societal relevance.

OUTSMART has addressed the need to make public service infrastructures and business processes significantly smarter (i.e. more intelligent, more efficient, more sustainable) through tighter integration with Internet, networking and computing capabilities.

Reaching this goal required the whole value chain, namely city authorities, utilities operators, ICT companies as well as knowledge institutions in order to have an industry-driven approach when developing advanced services and technologies. 

The final OUTSMART Annual Report describes the results and impacts of OUTSMART.

SamarbejdspartnereProject partners

Budget og finansieringBudget and funding

Projektet er bl.a. finansieret af:

EU 7th Framework Programme sitets EU 7th Framework Programme


Teknologi og metoderTechnology and methods

OUTSMART centred the envisioned pilots in the context of five key European cities and urban areas referred to as clusters.   

Each of the clusters addressed a specific topic of the usage area and was strategically chosen by the consortium to have a strong end user focus, including utilities and public organisations, lead by a strong local ICT organisation.  

The five clusters covered:
  • Waste Management – Berlin, Germany cluster
  • Water and Sewage – Aarhus, Denmark cluster
  • Sustainable Transport – London, United Kingdom cluster
  • Smart Metering and Street Lighting – Santander, Spain cluster
  • Water as a Resource – Trento, Italy cluster