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PROJECT STATUS: Completed START: April 2010 COMPLETED: September 2010

Solar Cell Bag 

ProjektbeskrivelseProject description


The Solar Cell Bag is an attempt to design a lifestyle product that matches the modern woman who attaches equal importance to design and function. Hundreds of solar cell sequins are sewn on to the bag in a meticulous embroidery. Together with conductive threads, the embroidery generates enough energy to charge a mobile phone and store extra energy in a small battery hidden inside the bag.

When you open the bag, a number of optical fibres are activated and emit light that helps the owner of the bag to find her keys, purse, etc.

The technology embedded into the bag is used as decoration. In this way, the solar cell sequins on the bag emphasise the intelligent layer that provides the bag with its unique energy-generating qualities.

ForskningsresultaterResearch results


The work took place in an iterative process between aesthetics, concept development and hardware development. The result demonstrates how solar cells can be embedded into embroidery to obtain an aesthetic function and harvest energy at the same time.

In this version of the bag, the energy harvested is used to light up the inside of the bag by means of illuminated optical fibres sewn into the bag in a beautiful pattern. The energy is also used to enable the bag owner to charge her mobile phone in a small pocket inside the bag.




ForretningsresultaterBusiness results


The bag is the first in a bag trilogy. The project tested different possible concepts for how to use the energy harvested from the solar cells. Further activities include the development of different service concepts for the bag owner that can be powered by the harvested energy. 

Read about the Memory Bag.

SamarbejdspartnereProject partners

In this project the Alexandra Institute has collaborated with these organisations:

Center for Software Innovation (CSI) sitets Center for Software Innovation (CSI)
Diffus Design sitets Diffus Design
Forster Rohner AG - Technical Textiles sitets Forster Rohner AG - Technical Textiles

For further information, please contact Rikke Koch.

Budget og finansieringBudget and funding

The project is funded by, among others:

EBST, EU Regionalfond sitets EBST, EU regional fund
EBST - Softwarekorridoren sitets EBST - regional ICT corridor programme

Total budget distributed among project partners: DKK 139,200.



Teknologi og metoderTechnology and methods


The project focused on developing a simple concept that is easy to use and has a practical function. In addition, the project worked on optimising the system inside the bag to reduce energy consumption to an absolute minimum. 

More specifically, the project worked with technologies relating to: solar cells – soft, conductive embroidery – storage of energy – energy harvesting – optical fibres – textiles.


Rikke Koch
Senior Concept Developer/Wearables
Business and Processes Lab
+45 21 26 87 24

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