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Morten Bohøj 

Min faglige profilMy professional profile

Udfyldelse af dokumenter
Udfyldelse af dokumenter 

I have completed the Industrial PhD programme in computer science, during which I have been enrolled at the Alexandra Institute and the University of Aarhus. My PhD study focused on how social web technologies and concepts can help to create better public digital services as part of the project eGov+. I have completed my graduate and as well as my undergraduate degree in computer science from Aarhus University.

My primary focus is on web technologies and development of web applications. I have been involved in various web-oriented projects, including JOIN and CBI. I have also worked with mobile development, primarily Android.

During my study I worked as a student instructor on several software engineering courses in computer science, including web technologies, software architecture and databases. During my PhD study I have continued to give lectures as I enjoy to pass on knowledge.

I have also worked as a software tester at Mobilethink, where I developed unit tests using JUnit.

Lige nu arbejder jeg påMy current work


I am currently involved in three projects:

  • JOIN: Joint Online Innovation Network, a project that roughly investigates the possibilities for user-driven innovation through a website where users, designers and manufacturers can meet and gather ideas for new innovative products. The ambition is to democratize the development of new products and through expressions of interest to provide potential producers with an indication of whether and when it may be worthwhile to initiate a production of a given product.
  • CBI: Community-Based Innovation looks at how technologies such as smart phones, the Internet or Facebook, can give businesses new opportunities to interact with their users and create a foundation for innovation. The CBI project will investigate and support how interaction between users and companies can occur exactly in the situation where users are experiencing the trouble, the dreams, the needs and ideas for the new.
  • Service Innovation: A project with focus on how technology can support communication in the operational service sector by means of mobile services.

Professionelle kompetencerProfessional competences


With a Master's and PhD degree in computer science from Aarhus University, I have a broad understanding of various computer science topics. With regard to programming I have primarily worked with Java and PHP, but I have also worked with Python.

My interest in web development has also provided me with compentences within PHP and MySQL, and recently I have also worked a lot with Google Web Toolkit.

With regard to mobile technology, I have primarily worked on the development of Android applications.

Om About Software infrastructure lab

All IT systems or IT products contain software. We provide our partners with core competences within a number of the latest techniques and methods for software development.

We work with the development of software architectures for dynamic and flexible integration of devices and mobile systems. We have extensive experience with object-oriented programming and modelling, and we work with methods and techniques for software development – including mobile applications, programming languages, algorithms, data structures and virtualisation, embedded systems and web technologies. ...læs more

Mine kollegaerMy colleagues

Mine anbefalingerMy recommendations

Google Web Toolkit - A useful tool for developing dynamic web pages. Everything is written in Java and Google Web Toolkit translates what is necessary into Javascript
Software Architecture in Practice - Len Bass, Paul Clements, Rick Kazman (2003). A recommendable book on basic software architecture.
Morten Bohøj
Research and Innovation Specialist
+45 29 13 11 96
Hopper building, 3. etage room 322
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