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Internet of Things for Dummies 
A new, more visual and easy-to-read issue of the comic book ‘Internet of Things!” (IoT) is designed to inform politicians, the general public and business managers about the potential of IoT. The new book is a business edition.

A business edition of the “Internet of Things!” comic book has just been published. The new issue of the comic book targets people that may never have heard of the subject before. More specifically, it targets politicians, the general public and business managers who might have a stake in IoT. The comic book gives the target audience a broad understanding of the advantages and potential risks associated with IoT.

– We have worked hard to make the comic book easy to read. We have reduced the amount of text and made it more visual instead – yet without compromising on the contents and the message it sets out to deliver about IoT, says Mirko Presser, author of the “Internet of Things!” and head of research and innovation at the Alexandra Institute.
The edition was launched on the 27th of September and will be used as a starting point for Mirko Presser’s talk at the GOTO conference in Aarhus on the 1st of October.

Download the Internet of Things Comic Book - Business Edition.

The project is partly funded by the European Commission under the 7th Framework Programme Future Internet Research & Experimentation (FIRE).

Target group must know the potential
The Internet of Things is a term for how the Internet expands as more and more devices are connected. This increases the application potential and the size of the Internet and related technologies. 

– We want to help politicians and business managers to understand how the future technologies work and what their potential is. This will enable them to make the right decisions and hopefully invest more money in research and innovation, Mirko Presser explains.

A field undergoing constant development
– The Internet of Things is a field that evolves constantly. We therefore have to make updates all the time. The essence of the book remains the same but for each new edition, we will add new scenarios and relevant interviews, Mirko Presser says.

–  The business edition includes two new interviews with Rasmus Blom from Grundfos and Stefan Faber from Bosch. They both come from companies that, by tradition, have developed products that are considered good if the company never hears from the user again. Now they have shifted from product-oriented to service-oriented thinking where frequent contact with users is essential. Furthermore, we have added an analysis feature, to mention but a few things.

Next issue to focus on innovation
The sequel of the IoT business edition will be a new version of the original comic book published in the spring of 2011. Focus will be on innovation and new scenarios resulting from that. We do not know yet when it will be published, Mirko Presser says.

The IoT forum is to be in charge of a major part of the publishing process from now on to ensure coherence and consistence in future editions. 

Read more about the Alexandra Institute’s activities in the Internet of Things Initiative.

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