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Evaluation of security solutions 

Evaluation of security solutions based on different applications of cryptography 
Foto: © V. Yakobchuk  
The service consists of an evaluation of cryptography-based security solutions. This includes for instance solutions for encryption of data, storage of passwords, authentication (e.g. digital signature), secure communication, etc. The service may also include a security risk assessment of your system.

This is what you get
Consultancy services based on the newest research results and advice from top-notch experts in IT security. Our consultancy service will be based on an existing system or one you are develop-ing. We will start by making a risk analysis (if not done already) in order to develop a security model that prescribes which security features your system should have. We will then assess the extent to which your system actually has those features. The deliverable will consist of a report that includes: 
  • Risk assessment
  • Security model
  • Assessment of your system 
  • Recommendations for improvements, if necessary

The evaluation may be used in your promotional work, according to specific agreement.

How to get started
Contact Jakob I. Pagter for further information or specific requirements.

Jakob Illeborg Pagter
Head of Research and Innovation
+45 21 65 10 93
Nygaard building, 3rd floor room 383